Adult Bible Classes

March - May, 2018

Luke’s Gospel Story into the Book of Acts (Mike Anderson & Paul Hinds)


This quarter Paul Hinds and Mike Anderson will lead a study of Luke’s letter to Theophilus from Jesus’ Triumphant Entry into Jerusalem in the Gospel of Luke through his continuation letter that we call the Book of Acts. The study will focus on how Jesus’ great ministry and sacrifice propelled the greatest movement the world has known spreading Christianity from Jerusalem throughout the Roman Empire during the first century.

Some of the questions we will look at include:

What was the appeal of Jesus and His message which caused many to turn to Him?

How did this happen so quickly and effectively?

How could a seemingly small Jewish movement become world-wide with Gentiles becoming major participants? 

What lessons can we learn from this?

What part did the Holy Spirit play in this? Is He still active today?

Can we be encouraged to witness like the early church did?


Spiritual Disciplines for Women (Wendy Goodyear)

Fellowship Hall

A study of Spiritual Disciplines to motivate and encourage spiritual growth.  Learning, sharing, and seeking new practical application of disciplines to help us move from attitudes and theory into actions and activities that draw us into a closer walk with God.


Learning to Sign (Roy Price & Team)

Conference Rooms 16 & 17

Feeling mission minded and wanting to communicate in new ways?  Roy Price will be leading a weekly class on sign language on Sunday mornings starting January 7. He will be assisted by our two interpreters (alternating weeks). The class will include a history of sign language and how it came to the United States, lettering, common phrases, and more.


Basic (written by Francis Chan) led by Mike Lewis 

Young Adults - Room 7

This series will be a look at 8 different topics that are basic to Christianity.  God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Fellowship, Teaching, Prayer, Communion, and Baptism.  Come explore these basics of the faith.



Mike & Janna Lewis, and Barry & Denise Galindo

Rooms 6 & 7


Focusing on “Spiritual Maturity” with a more specific study of the book of Galations. The title for the series is “Galations: The Grace of God in the One True Gospel.”