Adult Bible Classes

September 2017 - November 2017

Exhortations:  A Study of Hebrews

Ken Hines


Hebrew is unfortunately neglected by modern Christians.  Many of its symbols--blood, sacrifice, priesthood--belong to ancient times and seem completely irrelevant to our needs and problems.  But a deeper look into the language will show us that it is the greatest work of exhortation in the Bible.  In chapter after chapter it urgers us to hang on to our faith, no matter the cost or circumstances.

Two of Hebrews; key words are "Jesus" and "today."  No message could be more relevant in these days of burnout and aimlessness.  This timeless book encourages us to live out a deeper, more authentic faith, a faith rooted and grounded in Jesus, today.


Be Present:  Living in the Fullness of God

Jeff Sadler and Marc Compton

Fellowship Hall

Now.  It is the demand of our time.  Everything piles up and it all is seemingly vital to be done now.  Ironically, we typically live our lives thinking about tomorrow or trying to redesign the past.  Our now, the now for our essence, our soul, is set aside.  God wants us to be people for the right now and He wants more peace, comfort, love, joy, and faith in the right now moment of our life. 

So, how do we do a better job staying in the now?  What gets in our way?  What restructuring is necessary to feed our faith and make us more aware?  Those are the encouraging elements we intend to explore.  Ephesians 3:19 (ESV) expresses God’s desire that we “…know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”  Come discuss victory, abundance, time, mission, fullness, light, gratefulness, enough, connecting, and other principles from throughout the Bible for your quest to be more present.


College Age - The Revelation of John

Mike Lewis

Room 6, 7

Feet like burnished bronze? Seven golden lampstands? Four living creatures? 144,000? A great red dragon? The Revelation of John is a complex letter of prophesy that we often want to skip over because it can be difficult to figure out but it intrigues us. We want to know when the end will come. We want to know what is going to happen when Jesus returns. People have written many books about Revelation but so many disagree. Movies have been made and songs written, yet we don't have an answer. How can we figure this book out? In our Summer Series, we are going to dive into the Revelation of John and do our best to interpret what John has prophesied.



Mike & Janna Lewis, and Barry & Denise Galindo

Rooms 6 & 7


Focusing on “Spiritual Maturity” with a more specific study of the book of Galations. The title for the series is “Galations: The Grace of God in the One True Gospel.”