Adult Bible Classes

June - August, 2018

Experiencing God – Summer Speaker Series (Teachers: Various)


This summer, we are offering a single Adult Bible Study because the nature of the study is so important for all Christians and Searchers.  Experiencing God may sound scary, foreign, or like a reach for ordinary humans.  Whether you feel like you’ve gone stale spiritually, or are just going through the motions, or are thriving in your relationship with God, we can all grow from a study about God and how he seeks His people and their growth.  Only the power of God can transform lives, so we need to revive our relationship with the Source and Sustainer of our faith.

The study is based on Exodus 3:1-4:17, Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush.  We will use Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby, as the curriculum for this class. Some people may find this study uncomfortable because it emphasizes verses that our Bible study has traditionally not stressed. Experiencing God can help provide a corrective balance to tendencies we have to overlook the active nature of God or dismiss an active and present God.  God seeks our obedience and our passion.  We hope these sessions will build your faith and result in actions to bless and disciple others.

June 3 - God's Will and Your Life - Barry Galindo

June 10 - Looking to God - Dan Goodyear

June 17 - God Pursues a Love Relationship - Jonathan Dandy

June 24 - Love and God's Invitation - Paul Hinds

July 1 - God Speaks, Part 1 - Jeff Sadler

July 8 - God Speaks, Part 2 - Dave Harle

July 15 - The Crisis of Belief - Jeremy Poole

July 22 - Adjusting Your Life to God - John Lloyd

July 29 - Experiencing God through Obedience - Ken Hines

August 5 - God's Will and the Church - Marc Compton

August 12 - Kingdom People - Bart Cross

August 19 - Continuing Fellowship with God - Craig Dirksen

August 26 - Wrap Up – Experiencing God – Marc & Ken


Recovering Redemption (by Matt Chandler) led by Mike Lewis

Young Adults - Room 7

I don't know if you've noticed--I'm guessing you have--but the world is a mess. Things are broken. People are broken. And we run down different paths looking for answers. This is true for people both inside and outside the church. But the glorious reality of the Gospel is this: Christ changes everything.

I don't just mean that he changed history or that He changes our eternal destiny. I don't even just mean that He will ultimately make everything right again in the future. Christ changes every part of your life and mine. Everything. Every day.

That's what Recovering Redemption is all about--walking through the questions we should all be asking and learning how the answers transform not only our minds but also our hearts and our day-to-day lives. No more settling for less than life abundant. No more treating symptoms instead of seeking health. It's time to grow up into spiritual maturity, living each day in the hope and freedom of Christ.