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    Experiencing God – Summer Speaker Series

    Experiencing God – Summer Speaker Series
    Teachers: Various

    This summer, we are offering a single Adult Bible Study because the nature of the study is so important for all Christians and Searchers. Experiencing God may sound scary, foreign, or like a reach for ordinary humans. Whether you feel like you’ve gone stale spiritually, or are just going through the motions, or are thriving in your relationship with God, we can all grow from a study about God and how he seeks His people and their growth. Only the power of God can transform lives, so we need to revive our relationship with the Source and Sustainer of our faith.

    The study is based on Exodus 3:1-4:17, Moses’ encounter with God at the burning bush. We will use Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby, as the curriculum for this class. Some people may find this study uncomfortable because it emphasizes verses that our Bible study has traditionally not stressed. Experiencing God can help provide a corrective balance to tendencies we have to overlook the active nature of God or dismiss an active and present God. God seeks our obedience and our passion. We hope these sessions will build your faith and result in actions to bless and disciple others.