As a Christ-focused family, we recognize Jesus as the head of the church (Ephesians 1:22). He leads and directs us through the writings of the New Testament. We keep Christ at the center of our faith and practice.

We seek to follow Christ’s design for the organization of His church. Elders serve as shepherds, leading by example and serving those under their care. These men lead and challenge us. Each elder is available for prayer, teaching and meeting individual and family needs.

Deacons serve by leading and coordinating many different ministries. Many people participate as Bible teachers, helping us seek God’s will for our lives. We also have ministers on staff who serve by preaching, teaching, counseling and reaching out to the community.


Mike Anderson, Jerry Bergum, Bruce Hall, David Hess, Paul Hinds, Jerry Tucker, and Randy Young



Barry Galindo, Preaching Minister: barry@swest.org 

Mike Lewis, Young Adult & Worship Minister: mike@swest.org

Jeff Grow, Youth Minister: growjeff@yahoo.com 


Benevolence: Chris Hamm, Garrett Kimball
  K-6: Tom Hinds
  Jr High & High School: Jay Blackwell, Josh Edgemon
  Adult: Marc Compton
Fellowship: Craig Dirksen, Arron Stephens, Chad Mansfield
Finance:  Kelly Coburn, Bart Cross, Justin Harle
Greeting: Don Skinner, Chris Middaugh
 Dennis Norton
Technology: David Burnette
Aaron Arnold