Nigeria - James & Maria Eblabor and Prince & Regina Ugbe

Yala and Obudu, Cross River State

James & Maria Eblabor and Prince & Regina Ugbe work in the towns of Yala and Obudu, respectively.  Cross River State is in the extreme SE corner of the country, bordering Cameroon, and the church has not been established long here.  James has focused much of his efforts on operating two schools for children in the Yala area where they can learn about the gospel as well as learning other school subjects.  James once preached for the church in Yala.  However, now a recent graduate of his preacher training school preaches for the Yala church.  

Prince preaches for the Township Church of Christ in Obudu.  His preacher training school, Darrell Memorial Bible Institute, promises to be an important tool for good in the Lord's kingdom in Nigeria.  Southwest provides financial support and outreach guidance to these two preachers.  

Ikot Usen is the home of the late Sunday Ekanem, an older evangelist Southwest supported who died in 2008.