Adult Bible Classes

June - August, 2019  at 9:00 a.m. 


Auditorium - Life Changing Scriptures – Summer Speaker Series (Teachers:  Various)

The summer auditorium Bible class will be a series of stand-alone studies. Each week a different teacher will engage us with "A Scripture That Changed My Life." Texts from both the Old and New Testaments will be studied and discussed, and accompanied by the confirmation of a personal change.  A shift in life.

The classes are intended to be interesting, engaging, and relevant, and can lead us to deeper Bible knowledge and a more vibrant faith. Listening to impactful scriptures and the stories around them provides us with useful examples of how to talk about spiritual life and truth with other people.

If you miss some classes because your summer plans take you out of town, don't worry about it! This series is designed to allow you to start at the beginning, the end, or anywhere in the middle.  Also, you can catch any missed lessons from recordings accessible on the Southwest website or the mobile app.

NOTE:  Fellowship Hall consists of TWO Separate Six Week Studies

June 2-July 7

Fellowship Hall – Women in War (Jody Compton) 

What do Christian women warriors use to fight?  Prayer.  This six-week class is designed to ignite your prayer life.  Each week will build as one prayer element is added.  We will have discussion, movie clips, Bible, and then each class will end with prayer time.  For 42 days you will hone your prayer life into a powerful tool of faith.

July 14-August 18

Fellowship Hall – No Worries: Unshackling Burdened Lives (Marc Compton) 

Some of the most curious phrases in the Bible are:  DO NOT WORRY, DON’T BE AFRAID, and DON’T BE ANXIOUS.  We take those words from God and…we worry, fear, and are anxious.  Isn’t that ironic?  Worry paralyzes, consumes, and distracts us from living a God-filled and FULL life.  God offers liberation and rest from the burdens of daily living.  In this short study, we’ll study the conundrum of the commands, how reducing our field of vision to right now frees us, and that learning to fill our lives with God’s peace offers God’s impact to those around us.