Adult Bible Classes

September - November, 2019  at 9:00 a.m. 


Auditorium – The Privilege of Prayer – Mike Anderson and Paul Hinds – Starts September 15, 2019

Why is praying so difficult?

We truly believe in God and Trust His Word, but we continue to struggle with prayer.  Why does He want me to pray to Him since He already knows everything?  Why did Jesus (Who is God) pray? Why don’t I pray more often and regularly?  Why doesn’t the intensity of my prayers reflect the seriousness of the situation? How can I improve my prayer life and then not fall back into my old ways of praying?

We will explore these and many other questions as we look at specific examples of praying in both the Old and New Testaments.  Also, why just study prayer if we don’t actually spend time praying about praying? Our goal is to spend about one third of our class time in prayer.  Please pray about this class and join us on Sunday mornings.



Fellowship Hall – Letters to the Church (Mike Lewis) – Starts September 22, 2019

If God had it His way, what would our churches look like?

This is a question that Francis Chan has been pondering for many years as he transitioned out of his Megachurch in Simi Valley, California into his current role as a home church minister. For him, less is more.

We will be exploring the concepts Chan writes about in his most recent book, "Letters to the Church." Come join us as we talk about what it means to be the church, what is most important when we gather together? What should happen? Have we lost sight of what is most important? Have we trained our church members to become addicted to lesser things? Is it time to change? When Jesus returns will he find us caring for His Bride--even more than for our own lives?

We're going to talk about these deeper things this Fall and seek to deepen our own walk.