Southwest Young Adults

Wherever your place in life: single or married, in college or working a career, or taking care of your children; if you are 18-30, you have a welcome place with us.

As adults, we are responsible for becoming disciplined in how we grow into maturity.

One way our ministry helps us become more mature disciples is by how we respond to the points of our mission statement: We are a Christ-focused family, committed to Living for God, Loving each other, and Lighting the World.

We live for Christ by serving one another. We have had opportunities to give of ourselves fully like the Acts church did. We love each other deeply. You can see that by how we encourage and pray for one another. Through good and bad, we care about one another. Finally, we are lighting the world in our outreach. Giving of time and money in reaching out to those less fortunate than ourselves, and by how we welcome any and all who have the need of the Gospel of Jesus.


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We have families at Southwest that care about our young people. This is something ongoing throughout the school year. Click this link to go to the Adopt-a-Young Adult page. 

Sunday Morning Class – Sundays at 9 a.m.

Young Adult/College Class is discussing current trends in culture and how we respond to them as Christians. It is difficult to navigate and be civil when we speak about abortion, immigration, same sex marriage, etc. but we need to speak to these subjects based on Scripture. Taught by Mike & Janna Lewis upstairs in Room 16.
Young Married Class is learning about Emotional and Spiritual Health. This is a practical class on ways to improve our health when it comes to emotions, how we were raised, life situations that may give us anxiety, and how to mature and grow healthier in our faith to respond to these life circumstances. Taught by Barry & Denise Galindo upstairs in Room 12.


Group Lunches – Sunday (once a month)
Once a month we select a Sunday to go out for lunch together at a local restaurant.


Catalyst – Every Memorial Weekend

Every May, the Catalyst Retreat brings young adults together from across the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The goals of Catalyst are to experience God and grow closer to Him and each other. We gather at Camp Yamhill every Memorial Weekend.


Beach Retreat – Every Fall
We have an annual retreat to the Oregon Coast in Waldport. It is an opportunity to get away from the big cities and suburbs we live in and enjoy nature and grow closer as friends, to learn, and encourage one another.