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When Southwest Church of Christ began, it was determined that the first 10 percent of contributions would be dedicated to missions. This same spirit has continued through the years, and now Southwest dedicates 15 percent of contributions to mission work.

These Missions are both foreign and domestic. We are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus and fulfilling his commandment in Matthew 28. 



After a lengthy period of prayer and planning, Southwest purchased property for a church plant in Chapultepec, Mexico in 2007.  After searching for a year, Arturo Cervantes was hired to become the full time preacher, in 2008. He was joined by his wife Irma and they are still serving the church today.   In 2014, the church building was completed and serves as a place of worship and training for the community of Chapultepec.

Arturo & Irma Cervantes


Raul and Betty Alvarado were born and raised in Panama City, Panama.  Betty is a graduate of Harding University and Raul is a graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute.  In August, 1999, after ministering in southern California, Raul and Betty went home to Panama to work with the church there.  Raul is a minister at Iglesia de Cristo, Metropolitana as well as one of the teachers for the School of Biblical Studies.  Both Raul and Betty are instrumental in planting churches in the Indigenous areas of Panama and serving the church in the cities.  A main project is building a church building that will eventually serve as a school, counseling center, and outreach center.

Raul & Betty Alvarado


One of the things that were missing in our work with Little Hands Big Hearts was someone consistently working with the spiritual needs of LHBH.  In July 2018, we asked Olman to follow up with all the spiritual needs.  Each day Olman gives a lesson for the staff and others who are there that day.  Olman visits all the Little Hands families that send their special needs children for therapy.  He is very involved with the local church in preaching and teaching.  He married shortly after coming to Little Hands and his wife, Linda, is very supportive of his work and serves with Olman at Little Hands.


Olman & Linda Nunez



Campion Mugweni

Sakubva, Zimbabwe

Guild family.jpg

Southwest financially supports five native evangelists in Nigeria and Zimbabwe. We also support a family with roots at Southwest as they serve long term in Tanzania. 



James & Maria Eblabor works in the towns of Okuku Yala which is located in Cross River State (a state in Nigeria). It is in the SE corner of the country, bordering Cameroon. 

James has focused much of his efforts on operating two schools for children in Okuku Yala.  James has BA in Bible from Nigerian Christian College and Masters in Education from University of Nigera,  James preaches for the Okuku Yala church.  P


Campion Mugweni preaches for the church in Sakubva.  Witness Masarakufa preaches for the church in Matove.  These congregations are in the eastern part of Zimbabwe.  In spite of extremely challenging circumstances (extended severe drought, out-of-control inflation, and a difficult political environment), all three of these churches are growing and planting other churches.  


Eric & Susan Guild and their children continue to work in Mwanza which is now Tanzania's second-largest commercial center.  They work among the Sukuma people in the rural region around Mwanza.  Along with their teammates, the Guilds have seen the Lord bless this work into a "people movement":  thousands have been baptized and more than 100 churches are meeting.  Eric now spends most of his time in leadership training, teaching and mentoring the many leaders that are developing within these churches.  Southwest provides the Guilds' work fund. 


James and Maria Eblabor

Okuku Yala, Nigeria

Masarakufa family.png

Witness and Natsai Masarakufa

and Family

Matove, Zimbabwe

Eric and Susan Guild and family

Mwanza, Tanzania


There is no greater mission field than right outside our own doors. Through many of our ministries we reach others by showing the heart of Jesus.  Through belief in Him many have been led to commit their lives to Him in baptism.  

Some of these ministries include:


Children's Ministry

SW Preschool

Sewing for the master

Weekend of Service

Youth Ministry

Short Term

Southwest is committed to providing people all around the world with the gospel of Jesus. One way we do this is by sending our members out on short term mission trips (about a week) both nationally and internationally. 

Here is a list of Missions we have been on in previous years:

Baker City, Oregon

Caldwell, Idaho

Toluca, Mexico

Puerto Rico

Trujillo, Honduras

City of Children, Ensenada, Mexico

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